Paris-based filmmaker Adrien Dantou teams up with the LUMA Foundation and Benjamin Millepied's LA Dance Project to explore Parc des Ateliers—an expansive cultural center being developed in Arles, France, by LUMA, alongside architects Frank Gehry and Annabelle Selldorf. Here, the director talks about his film:

“I chose choreography that emphasized the tower’s architecture and the human qualities that I wanted to explore. The dancers’ movements are abstract and reflect the human condition—unity, solitude, force, kindness, power, fear, and sensuality. By the end of the film, the dancers become one body. 

“The camera is in constant movement, capturing the space and the sensations it inspires. The camera follows the dancers and envelops the space from both the inside and the outside, at different heights and angles, exploiting the tower’s powerful and complex density. As a result, the tower appears overbearing and dangerous at times, almost vertiginous, providing a brutal contrast with the sensual dances.”