Chromeo reveal their dual obsession with the distant past and blazing modernity in Leigh Johnson's film. As the duo embark on their North American tour, we asked them to carry on their conversation that spans time, space and Tinder.

Dave 1: Ancient woman or modern muse?
P-Thugg: I like modern woman's style, but ancient women's sensibility.

P-Thugg: Roman orgy or online dating?
Dave 1: I would take the Roman orgy over online dating because I feel like the ancient Roman orgy has more privacy, less trolling.

A smell that takes you back?
Dave 1: Wet grass because it reminds me of when I was a park's keeper as a summer job and you would come and hang out with me all day.

P-Thugg: Caveman diet or gluten free?
Dave 1: Mediterranean diet all the way.

P-Thugg: How long in the future will now be called ancient times?
Dave 1: I think it's going to be two years before the present is going to referred to as ancient times.

P-Thugg: Is Chromeo ancient or modern?
Dave 1: It's funny how when you say modern it sounds ancient already. I feel like our band's retro aesthetic only makes sense against the backdrop of modernity.

Chromeo’s fourth album White Women is available now and the band are currently touring American until October 31.